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The Animated Kiki Ball in Oldenburg by Magia 007

Animated Kiki Ball in Oldenburg
by Magia 007

February marks one full year of the Pier Project! And oh, what a ride it has been. I started the Pier Project to guide queer and POC youth in and around Oldenburg in the world of ballroom. This has involved classes, workshops in various categories, and training sessions, all for free. Now the Pier Project has also expanded to Hannover, and we’re working on building up the scene in both cities.

For the second kiki in Oldenburg I invite all of you to submerge in the world of cartoons for The Animated Kiki Ball.

Register here:


Polyester Klub
Am Stadtmuseum 15, 26121 Oldenburg


Mother Zueira Angels 🇩🇪
Dizzy B-Fuji 🇳🇱
Mother Gaby Marciano 🇳🇱

Mc/Hosts: Father Typhoon Angels 🇳🇱 & Magia 007 🇩🇪

Dj: Seven Angels 🇳🇱

Theme: cartoons

Categories (not in order)

⭐️ Steven Universe ⭐️
Steven Universe is a cartoon series about a team of genderless aliens aka gems, who are perceived as women in Earth’s society, and Steven, who is half gem and half human. This TV series has broken boundaries and portrayed things other shows wouldn’t dare talk about like teaching about consent and toxic relationships and having queer (especially non-binary) representation.

Beginners‘ Runway
💎Choose any of the living Crystal Gems💎
Walk the runway like you are ready to save the day in an effect inspired by any of the living Crystal Gems.
(Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Lapis, or Bismuth)

All American Runway
🎸Greg Universe 🎸
Before Steven’s dad owned a car wash he was a musician with a dream. Walk the runway like a rockstar.

European Runway
🌸 Rose Quartz 🌸
Serve la vie en rose by strutting down the runway in an all pink look inspired by the former leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz. Your shoes do not have to be pink.

Runway with a Twist
🌟 Stevonnie 🌟
Stevonnie (they/them) is the non-binary fusion of Steven Universe and his best friend Connie. Get your 10s in American Runway and twist into European, showing us you own the best of both worlds.


💛 Tweety Bird 💛
Show off your facial beauty in a yellow look with optional blue accents inspired by the infamous Tweety Bird. Please refrain from using any real feathers, and NO FEATHER HEADPIECES unless you are Native American or want to get chopped.

This show is a true piece of art. The creators of this show constructed a very complex world with distinctive cultures and a rich history. It is mind blowing to think of how much thought was put into creating the world of Avatar.

Vogue Femme: Soft and Cunt
🌊 Water Benders 🌊
Drip, freeze and melt in a blue outfit inspired by the Northern and Southern water tribes.

Vogue Femme: Dramatics
🌬 Air Benders 🌬
Blow us away with your swiftness in an outfit that moves in the wind with you while you spin like a monk.

Old Way vs. New Way
The Fire Nation had conquered the Earth Nation, but now they rebel. Which side will win?

*Old Way
⛰ Earth Benders ⛰
Be ready to fight back in a green effect.

*New Way
🔥 Fire Benders 🔥
Get ready to colonize in red fiery gear.

Baby Vogue
🏜 Sand benders 🏜
When you get bored of surfing on sand dunes, you learn to vogue. Your effect for this category should be in an off-white shade like you came straight from the desert.


MF Sex Siren (Junior, Catboy 1🏆)
🦖 The Flintstones 🦖
Rocks aren’t the only things these boys are banging… Get down and dirty like it’s the stone age.

FF Sex Siren (Femme Queens; Cis Women; Drags 1 🏆)
👠 Betty Boop vs Jessica Rabbit 💄
Bring it sexy and seductive in the color of lust, inspired by two of the sexiest cartoons, Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit.

AF Sex Siren (NB Quings)
🦁 The Lion Quing 🦁
Make the judges prrr by showing you are the feline quing of seduction.

Body OTA
👻 Danny Phantom 👻
Showcase your body as every gay boy’s cartoon crush, Danny Phantom.


Fashion Killer
🧚🏿‍♀️Winx Club 🧚🏽‍♀️
Come in an outstanding look that goes along with the theme of the cartoon series “Winx Club”.

Best Dressed Drag
🍥 Anime 🍥
Create a look inspired by the popular Japanese style of animation. Be your own anime character.


MF Realness
👟 The Boondocks 👟
Show us how you blend into the cisheteronormative image as a member of the Freeman family.

🎒 FF Schoolgirl Realness 🎒
Penny Proud from The Proud Family. Show the judges how real you are by showcasing your campaign for student president.


Vogue to Reggaeton
👩🏽 Dora The Explorer 🗺
Give us más gasolina wearing pink and orange… Dora hair/wig is optional… but definitely a bonus.

Production as a House
🌴🌺Lilo and Stitch🌺🌴
Ohana means family, create a production to showcase your house’s members with whatever mix of categories in beach wear inspired by the characters’ clothing (floral patterns, bathing suits, etc.). Please don’t appropriate Hawaiian culture. Send us your track in advance.


Ballroom Terminology:

*FF – Female Figure: Fem Queens, Drag Queens, (cis) Women
*MF – Male Figure: Butch Queens, Transmen, Butch
(and sometimes straight men)
*FQ – Femme Queen: trans woman
Drag Queens: (mostly) men presenting as women
Drag Kings: (mostly) women presenting as men
*BQ – Butch Queen: cis man who identifies as gay, regardless of how masculine or feminine he is.
*EQ – Enby Quing: non-binary individual (neither exclusively male nor female), may present masculine, feminine, or androgynous.
Lion Babe: non-binary and FF (stud/butch) portraying a masculine or feminine sex appeal
Cat boy: a less aggressive and straight forward version of MF Sex Siren which is more feminine.
*Women: cisgender women – sexuality doesn’t matter
*OTA: Open to all – no gender dividing, includes non-binary and straight people.
*Virgin: first time walking / never walked – in a specific category
*Baby/Beginner: everyone who is walking a specific category under a year or hasn’t won a grand prize in a virgin or baby category
*Tag Team: two people walking a category together – walking one by one and tagging their partner when they have to switch.

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